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Team Kite Test!

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In October 2004 the AERIALIS Team Flyers started to look for another kite to replace the WSOs that we found lacking something in the team/precision department. We collected eight now classic kites to a big test and here's the story!



A demanding kite for team flying. Capable of very impressive stuff (trickability) but also suffering from a lack of stability in several of our requested features. This kite must be flown and there’s no free lunch. We found it too risky to fly Masques in a 6 man team (with our flying skills).

Test result

8,0 Speed
9,3 Tracking
7,3 Cornering
7,7 Steps down
7,7 Stall (from a horizontal trajectory)
8,0 (Snap)Stall (from a vertical up trajectory)
7,3 Halt (stalled position) from a vertical up trajectory)
5,7 Keeping the Stall position
5,3 Side slide
7,7 Circle 20% (2 x wingspan)
9,7 Circle 100% (constant speed)
8,7 Wind window
8,7 Speed Control
8,0 Axel to Fade
7,7 Overall impression
116,7 Total Score

Test pilot comments:

  • Must be flown to do crisp corners, easy to lose the pressure
  • Unstable when stalled, requiring tending from the pilot
  • Wobbly when side sliding, requires tending
  • Extremely trickable!
  • Requires a skilled pilot, can do wonders
  • Hard to do a stable stall

Sorry, no playback is available for this post.

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