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Blowing the Dust off an Old Skool Kite

Can you listen to this: Sorry, no playback is available for this post.

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Have you heard about the Windless Kite Festival 2021? Not? Well, then you better keep on reading!

Because Nic O’Neill over at is preparing for this windless festival a little bit different compared to the previous years. Rather than a normal festival, this will be an online one, and you can find all the bits and pieces by following this link!

Not having to be there in person makes this a great opportunity for both you and me to participate and contribute to the international kite society! All you need to do is to create and submit two videos to the Fortunafound website.

Rather than me going on about how to and so on, just check out this link, and I guess you can find an answer to any of your questions about the ‘festival’.

So…. what’s all this dust blowing about then?

Well, In order to make one of the videos required to participate, I will need a few zero wind kites, so I dove into the pile of kites and found the good, old Feather, originally by Buena Vista, but my version is made by HQ Kites. That kite has given me loads of pleasures flying in very low or no wind, both indoor and outdoor.

However, when assembling it I found one of the Avia Skinny spreaders was broken. Replacement required, but did I have any Skinnies left in my spare rods bag? Nope, none left, so I had to go for the second-best, replacing both lower spreaders with two SkyShark 2PTs. Not quite the same as the Skinny, but close enough.

Hacksawing off a few centimetres and VOILA! The Feather is yet again ready to fly!

Sorry, no playback is available for this post.

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