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Category: Quad Heads

Catching and throwing is fun and the A-Quad Hardcore is of course up to it!
An overcast mid-December day aided by a slight drizzle. All you need for perfect monochrome settings.
But not dark nor dismal enough not to fly, so after having flown the Black Edge for a while I took the A-Quad Hardcore for a spin!
Hey! No rain! ...and a couple of hours or so on my hands. I'm ready to fly!
The days up here in my neck of the woods are getting really short now when the sun sets about 3:30 pm!
Barely catching the last rays of sunshine this November Sunday. Darkness on its way but enough time to fly in the golden hour.
Like mentioned in my previous post, there was more to come from the Black Edge initial flight. Here it is!
The rain stopped and the wind turned south. Even the sun came out. What better to do than teke the Black Edge to it's initial flight?!
No, don't let the title of this post scare you off. It's ALL about kites, the A-Quad Hardcore!
After having fun with the brand new Asymmetric Rokkaku, it was time for another kind of fun. Flying the A-Quad Hardcore!
It happened that I had to do some business in Oslo today. On my way back home I dropped by at Ekebergsletta!
Yes, it's November, but this video was shot in very late October, wrapping up my October 2020 YouTube Playlist!

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