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I'm busy now before it's getting too dark to film and fly. So here's a brand new tutorial on footwork and body position!
Finally I got it all together. The wind, the mood, the kite, everything was pretty much perfect for shooting the footage for the straight trajectories tutorial!
Actually I was kind of ready for making a tutorial on how to fly straight trajectories. But suddenly I changed my mind.
All right then. Here's my first ever split-screen tutorial. Loads of different stuff with both the kite and the pilot in view!
Sorry guys! It's been way too long since my last tutorial, but now I'll try to make it up to you!
In this tutorial, I give you five exercises that will improve your hovering and your general flying skills too.
Do you know that you can stop your quad line kite dead anywhere in the wind window ... and make it stick there?!
I have just shot the footage for a tutorial on hovering. But first I'd like to say something about the angle of attack.
In this tutorial I'm talking about how to hold your handles and how to move on the ground when flying.
Now when you have the basic upwards turn covered, it's time to take it a step further. The Down Turn!
I've covered the basic launch and landing in a previous tutorial. Now we take it a step further and in this tutorial you'll learn how to turn your kite from left to right.
I got inspired from yesterday's session catching and throwing the A-Quad so now I have edited a REAL tutorial!

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