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team flyers

the quad kites

our kites

The quad lined kites

the a-quad

Quad lined kites litterally add a new dimension to the flying.
These kites can stop and hover in the air and even fly backwards! So it was a natural addition to our kite bags, and a brand new aspect to explore!

the a-quad series

by anders matson

Ghost SUL

For close to no wind conditions


For low wind conditions


For light wind conditions

Semi vented

For medium wind conditions


For high wind conditions


For extremeliy high wind conditions

The team is flying A-Quads by Anders Matson …and other quad lined kites when appropriate. We also fly quads that we have made ourselves. It’s quite a simple design, easy to sew and excellent for DIY projects.

With a bit of practice you can fly them close to perfection and the team flying looks really impressive in the air!

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