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Have you heard about the Windless Kite Festival 2021? Not? Well, then you better keep on reading!
Catching and throwing is fun and the A-Quad Hardcore is of course up to it!
An overcast mid-December day aided by a slight drizzle. All you need for perfect monochrome settings.
But not dark nor dismal enough not to fly, so after having flown the Black Edge for a while I took the A-Quad Hardcore for a spin!
Hey! No rain! ...and a couple of hours or so on my hands. I'm ready to fly!
I'd say that at least 95% of all the videos on the AERIALIS Kites' YouTube channel is shot by using a mobile phone!
Yeah, it's dark, rainy and miserable out there. No snow at all these early December days.
The days up here in my neck of the woods are getting really short now when the sun sets about 3:30 pm!

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