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Tutorial: Footwork and Body Position
Tutorial: Flying Straight Trajectories!
New Tutorial, More on the Angle of Attack
The Split-Screen Tutorial

aerialis team flyers

The AERIALIS Team Flyers Workshop
Team Kite Test!
In the Good, Old Nirvana Days!
Pairs Routine, The Key Elements
My Equipment – Video How To Column
OSOW 2020, KAP Flying!
Extreme Experimenting, This one Actually Flies!
Team Kite Test!
Blowing the Dust off an Old Skool Kite
Still Can Do This!
Jumping Jack Flash UL, First Impressions
I for Indoor, the iTrix Reviewed
Catchin’and Throwin’
Monochrome Settings
A Dark and Dismal December Day
The Black Edge 2nd Flight
The Black Edge 2nd Flight
Black Edge, the Video!
The Black Edge Initial Flight
An Hour or so of Daylight
Early Morning Fly
Lunar Landscape
KAP Gallery from OSOW 2020
OSOW 2020, KAP Flying!
YouTube Channel
1/10 videos
Zaephay Indoor
Zaephay Indoor
Tutorial (kind of): Two and a Half Glide!
Tutorial (kind of): Two and a Half Glide!
When the Wind is Dying Down