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Dark and Miserable

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Yeah, it's dark, rainy and miserable out there. No snow at all these early December days.

Yes, of course, I can go flying, but when the conditions are really crap, I’d rather do other things. The weather isn’t exactly inspiring!

Thankfully there are loads of other kite related stuff to do and here’s a quick recap of my “indoor kite to-do list” for the 2020-21 winter (in no particular order).


I certainly don’t baby my kites. No, I give them quite a beating, and they can take most of it. At least for a period of time. But of course, after hours of flying out there in the wind and the weather, they get worn.

Kite maintenance
Kite maintenance

The “dark season” is a good time to go through all the kites and look for signs of wear … and do some repairs. You know, patch up any tears, check and – if required – replace a bridle leg or two, go over all the spars and fittings, to see if they hold up for yet another season, check the line sets and maybe give them a dash of silicone for reducing traction.

Yes, there’s a bit of maintenance to do in order to be ready for the next kiting season!

Video articles

In a previous post, I let you in on another project I’ve been giving some thoughts lately. As you (probably) know, I’m very much into video making and I love to shoot both inspirational videos and tutorials. (At least I find them inspirational! ?)

Shooting video
Shooting video

So I’m planning to write a handful of posts on that topic. You know… How it all started, what kind of equipment I use and quite a few tips on how to shoot great videos.

So if you’re looking into video making yourself, make sure to drop by the AERIALIS Kites website frequently and learn more about filming and stuff!

Kite making

…and then there’s kite making! I guess I’ve been bitten by the bug and I have a handful unite making projects up my sleeve.

I find rokkakus extremely fascinating! So simple in their design, yet so capable flying objects. To see a rokkaku that you made yourself pinned to the sky in that gentle breeze is – at least to me – so satisfying, so there will be some new rokkakus coming out of my little kitchen workshop this winter.

Kite making in the making!
Kite making in the making!

The first rok’ out will be a quite large one, 180 x 150cm (6 x 5 feet approx). I’m looking for a cool applique too, and as always, the project will be thoroughly documented here.

I’m also planning to make another version of the Black Edge with a lot more ventilation and a couple of other ideas. So make sure to stay tuned!

Planning new tutorials

I have a few ideas for more kite flying tutorials too. I want to make a series of tutorials for various rotations. These series are still in their early idea phase but I have a vague plan for how to do it.

This is how to...
This is how to…

There are a couple of other ideas spinning around up in my head too. Right now I’m about to finalize the plans for the Power dive tutorial and I have several notes on how to go about a more in-depth tutorial about the (QLK) axel as well.

Website revamps

Then there are always website revamps, mods and tweaks. Some stuff to be fixed, a couple of security updates, bits N pieces…

Website maintenance
Website maintenanceWebsite maintenance

I don’t have any big things scheduled, but if you have an idea for new content, please drop me a line and I’ll give it a thought!

Other stuff

Other stuff…? Yeah, there’s always more to do. I’m pretty good at leaving kite stakes behind on the flying field, so I might make myself some new ones.

Kite stakes
Kite stakes

I guess I will make myself a couple of new line sets too ’cause my 10m (30ft) ones are showing significant signs of wear.

So despite the season, I think I will be quite busy doing kite related stuff. Make sure to drop by regularly to catch the action!

Sorry, no playback is available for this post.

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