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Catching and throwing is fun and the A-Quad Hardcore is of course up to it!
I'd say that at least 95% of all the videos on the AERIALIS Kites' YouTube channel is shot by using a mobile phone!
...or the wind indicator if you like. A nifty little gadget that sits well on the flying field!
There are several things you can practice on the field. This post will help you with your Intentional flying.
Do you have a couple of hours to spare? Then you DEFINITELY should watch this video uploaded to YouTube today!
Based on the comments I've received on my Axel Tutorial, I headed for the beach yesterday to try out some of those tips. It paid off!
Finally the conditions were just what I have been waiting for to shoot the footage for my QLK Axel tutorial!
The five reps practice method was initially presented to me by John B at a clinic in Copenhagen back in 2017. I've taken to really like this approach when practicing ... 'cause it works!
Your flying style can simply be put into one of two categories; a static flying style and a dynamic flying style. In this article I try to explain the differences between the two.
Catching and throwing is a pretty cool combo you can do with a quad on relatively short lines.
Here's a guy that'll do them flatter than pancakes!

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