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Category: Website Issues

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This post iw written from scratch right after having updated the website to WorPress 6.0! Let's see how it works :-)
WordPress just released version 5.6.It's quit a big step from the previous 5.5.3 and a few precautions must be made before upgrading!
If there's one thing a kite flyer is paying attention to, it's the weather forecast! What's the wind going to be like and ... will the rain stay away!
If you're familiar with WordPress, you have seen the WP admin dashboard. Not quite living up to today's standards.
As you probably have noticed, lately I've been doing some revamping to the website ... again!
Right now I'm doing some revamping on AERIALIS Kites. However, I would like you to help me. What layout do you prefer for the home page?
Tody I discovered some design flaws here at AERIALIS Kites. It seemed like some kind of margins or paddings problem.
I've been looking for a tool for optimising sharing kite stuff to social media. Now I think I've found the solution!
Finally I've taken an important step enhancing the security of the AERIALIS Kites website!
Lately, I've been doing some website design tweaks. Today I finished it and now all the posts are wearing their new design!
Now when the website is totally rebuilt, it's about time to back it all up. That job is now completed!

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