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Category: Kite building

Hey! No rain! ...and a couple of hours or so on my hands. I'm ready to fly!
Like mentioned in my previous post, there was more to come from the Black Edge initial flight. Here it is!
The rain stopped and the wind turned south. Even the sun came out. What better to do than teke the Black Edge to it's initial flight?!
I was hoping for an hour or so with daylight after work. I got the hour of daylight, but no wind.
Like mentioned yesterday, the Black Edge was ready to be bridled. So guess what I just completed!
I spent an hour or so this morning making the Black Edge Project ready to be bridled.
After several days with bad weather, today I woke up to a clear sky and a little bit of wind!
The next kite building project of mine is called "The Black Edge". As you probably can tell from the photos the reason for that is obvious!
I've just completed another Rokkaku project! Or... the bag is still missing, but the kite is ready to fly!
I would like to share a little detail tweak I'm using for improving the reinforcement of a quad kite.
Yesterday I finished the Pink Project kite but it was too dark for the initial flight. Today however, rise and shine, out to fly!
Yes, I did find a couple of hours for progressing the Pink Project, just like I hoped for!

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