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Category: Dual lines

Have you heard about the Windless Kite Festival 2021? Not? Well, then you better keep on reading!
I haven't been flying a duallie since.... Well, I actually can't remember. So yesterday I entered the field with a couple of duallies under my arm.
Way back in the winter of 2006 I got my hands on the new Jumping Jack Flash by German Level One. Here are some insights from my initial flight ... on a very limited flying field.
I have had a 'little' indoor kite sitting in my bag for too long and now it was desperately looking for an indoor location and hit some serious air. Thankfully it was time to hide from the wet and blustery weather and put the ITrix through its paces.
In October 2004 the AERIALIS Team Flyers started to look for another kite to replace the WSOs that we found lacking something in the team/precision department. We collected eight now classic kites to a big test and here's the story!
Before you start reading this review, I think you should know that I'm kind of biased. I will really try to stay objective throughout this review, but have really fallen in love with this kite and I have a feeling the review will be somewhat affected by my emotions. However, I hope you can live with that!
The long-awaited MiniGem has been available on the market for some time now. Based on feedback during its development phase and tons of positive comments and reviews of its bigger brother - the Gemini, people expected a lot from this kite.
Steve Thomas, the "inventor" of the axels reveals the history of this famous stunt kite trick. It all started back in '92... "...The Axel is the greatest move ever conceived of for a sport kite. This is because I was the one that invented it!"
Do you remember in the old days? Way back in 2006-or-something? When the winters were cold and we had snow?
Yes, the Nirvana received all the hype, but there was also this other kite by French manufaturer R-Sky, the Next!
Trick flying in higher winds is demanding, no question about that. Trick flying means your lines going slack all the time, but when the wind is howling it's very hard to get enough slack in the lines to carry out the various tricks.
This goes back to the year of 2003, quite some time ago. One of the Nirvanas of the first ever commercially available Nirvanas happened to end up at the end of my strings!

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