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Category: AERIALIS Team Flyers

Due to the current situation, the AERIALIS Team Flyers Workshop planned this weekend is unfortunately cancelled.
In October 2004 the AERIALIS Team Flyers started to look for another kite to replace the WSOs that we found lacking something in the team/precision department. We collected eight now classic kites to a big test and here's the story!
The AERIALIS Team Flyers are into both quad lined and dual lined team flying. When we fly duallies, we go for the agile Nirvanas!
Identifying, and focusing on, the key elements and the tricky parts of a routine. will make practice more effective and boost performance!
Another trip to the flying field today, tweaking and tuning the pairs routine. It's getting there!
In this article I will take you through the Pairs Routine step by step and when all the reading is done, there is a video!
The Pairs Routine is fresh from the drawing board. In theory it should be flyable, but nothing is certain until you've tried it out on the field.
Farid has just framed his A-Quad Hard Core and took it for a spin in windy conditions this weekend!
The AERIALIS Team Flyers are planning a gathering in Gothenburg in the weekend of March 27th-29th.
When the winds are really picking up, it's good to have the right kite and keep on flying!
As you might have read here at the AERIALIS Kites website, the AERIALIS Kite Flyers fly A-Quads!
Here's a brand new video of Team Kitelife practicing in November 2019.

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