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Making Plans for the Off Season

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The calender tells me it's October and we're heading into the off season. Cold weather and scarce daylight will definitely put a limit to the kiting action.

So now it’s time to think a little about what to do when the abstinence for not flying kites gets too hard to face! ?

There are a few things to do to shorten the wait for lighter and warmer days. Off course there is kite building! I have a few ideas up my sleeve in addition to another project with the AERIALIS Team Flyers. Somewhat early to go into details, but stay tuned, and I’ll let you in on the details when the time is due. ?

There’s also this other project I’m kind of working on. As you’re probably aware of, I’m quite fond of and into making kite videos. As per October 4th, I have uploaded 398 (!) videos to AERIALIS Kites’ YouTube channel! Pretty proud of that, actually. ?

Making such a significant number of videos, I’ve learned quite a lot along the way. Lots of stuff I want to share with you. So another project this winter is that I’m planning to write a few articles about kite video making.

I have a lot of notes written down already, way too much for one article only. So I will break it down into several ones focusing on one thing at the time.

So that’s another reason for keeping an eye on the AERIALIS Kites website in the days to come. I will not reveal much yet other than one of the early articles in this series, will be about my equipment and how I use the different bits and pieces from shooting the footage to making the video public on YouTube.

Hopefully, you’ll find this useful and – as always – questions, comments or whatever is always appreciated. Just use the comments field below!

Sorry, no playback is available for this post.

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