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Tutorial: Flying Straight Trajectories!

A Tutorial by AERIALIS Kites

Finally I got it all together. The wind, the mood, the kite, everything was pretty much perfect for shooting the footage for the straight trajectories tutorial!

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This weekend the conditions were just right for shooting for my next tutorial, Flying Straight Trajectories. Onshore winds clocking in at about 10m/sec which translates into 22mph give or take. Yes, maybe a bit on the higher side, but with a quad kite with plenty of ventilation, the wind was no trouble.

In another post here at AERIALIS Kites, I talk about how I plan and shoot the footage for my tutorials. This time was no excuse. I had it all written down in Evernote, and I was referring to my notes while setting up for the different shots.

When everything is planned like this, shooting the video actually won’t take long. That is if the conditions are good and I don’t have to make re-shots. This time I could use every single second of my footage, that’s good!

In my opinion, the key success factors for flying perfectly straight (and slow) trajectories are:

  • Wrist twisting, thumbs back or forward for speed control
  • Foot position for easing the arms position, flying left, left foot in front, flying right, right foot in front
  • Arms position – lower wingtip hand somewhat extended in front of you, upper wing tip hand pulled a little closer to your body.

When you get all this right, you’re pretty darn close to nailing those straight lines!

But let’s cut the crap and jump right to the tutorial! I hope you’ll like it and if you have any questions, comments or other input, please drop me a line in the comments field below!

Learn how to fly straight trajectories!

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