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In the Good, Old Nirvana Days!

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The AERIALIS Team Flyers are into both quad lined and dual lined team flying. When we fly duallies, we go for the agile Nirvanas!

In the early days, back in 2003, a long package from German Siebert’s Drachenkiste arrived at my doorstep . Inside there was a bunch of WSOs, pretty darn good looking they were too!

WSO Ventilert - terningkast 5
The WSO, here the vented version

These were to be our first team kites and we used them for the 2003 and most of the 2004 season. However, bit by the Nirvana bug we sort of drifted away from the WSOs and kite by kite they were replaced by Nirvanas by French manufacturer R-Sky.

Yellow Nirvana close up
Yellow Nirvana UL

From 2005, for 15 years that is, we have stuck to the Nirvana because it’s a kite that’s pretty precise, agile and very trickable, thus making it possible to include tricks in our team flying. Axels, half axels, 540’ies, pancakes, fades and other tricks have been included in our routines and really spiced them up. Especially in smooth winds! 😉

Yesterday I browsed my YouTube channel and found a few vintage videos from the earlier days of team flying.

Below you can check out a video from 2008, twelve years ago, when three of the members, Kjetil, Anders and Sven met up in Gothenburg, Sweden for a weekend of fun!

AERIALIS Team Flyers – 2008

Sorry, no playback is available for this post.

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