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Team Kite Test!

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In October 2004 the AERIALIS Team Flyers started to look for another kite to replace the WSOs that we found lacking something in the team/precision department. We collected eight now classic kites to a big test and here's the story!


So…. What is the best team kite for a 6 man team? We have been asking ourselves that question many times since we formed our team back in the spring of 2003. There are a lot of aspiring kites out there, and the answers to our question are probably as many as there are kites. The only way to find out was to arrange for a big comparative test.

After taking a deep dive down into our kite bags we came out with quite an impressive pile of kites that we would like to compare. Now, all we had to do was to settle for a date for the big test. After checking the calendars we agreed upon that the weekend of September 25th – 26th would be a nice one.

Gathering a 6 man team with 400 kilometres separating the members requires some planning from the logistics department. Once again most of the logistics – somewhat surprisingly – worked out as planned and even the weather forecast for the weekend looked promising.

We were ready for the BIG TEST!

Sorry, no playback is available for this post.

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