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Team Kite Test!

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In October 2004 the AERIALIS Team Flyers started to look for another kite to replace the WSOs that we found lacking something in the team/precision department. We collected eight now classic kites to a big test and here's the story!

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The Team Kites Test Results


What was that question again? Oh yes! What is the best kite for a 6 man team? Did we really get any closer to an answer to that question after having pulled off the test? Yes, in a way I think so.

Let’s get it straight. There probably is no correct answer to the core question. Different teams and pilots will probably have a slightly different approach to selecting the best kite for their team. There are many parameters that different teams prefer differently.

However my team, The AERIALIS Team Flyers, have taken a few steps in the right direction to find a kite that will fit our preferences; our skill level, our way of flying, our ballet and technical routines and personal likings. And we also had a lot of fun along the way!

As with any test you must take things with a grain of salt. But I really hope that you will find some pars of this test useful as a guide to finding a team kite that will fit your preferences.

If you have any questions or comments to this team kite test, please don’t hesitate, but post a comment to this article. I will be monitoring the article closely and revert to any comments and/or question posted. And I’m sure the other test pilots will be more than happy to answer any question too.

More comments from the pilots

Wind conditions
The low wind conditions during the test period may have had a slight impact on the test results. The Blackbird and the North Shore Radical are probably the two kites that suffered the most from the conditions. On the other hand, conditions were close to perfect for the light wind kites like the T2 Evo Zero and the Matrix UL. Please have this in mind when reading the results.
We might do a re-run of the test for these two kites in more favourable wind conditions.

Axel to Fade
A few of the heavily precision-oriented kites scored pretty bad on the Axel-to-Fade trick. This will have a significant impact on the final score. As you can see from the score table, the Blackbird and North Shore Radical are once again the two kites suffering the most from this.
We might do a weighted score and re-calculate the final scores.

Sorry, no playback is available for this post.

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