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Minimalistic In-between the Rain Showers

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Strong winds, but also a big chance of rain. Could I squeeze some flying in-between the heavy showers?

I decided to give it a go. The Minimalistic needs at least 10m/sec (23mph) to fly kind of decently and right now the wind was right there. Between 10 and 15m/sec (34mph) just like forecasted!

So off I went and pretty soon I found myself on a wind swept beach ready to fly. I checked the wind meter, averaging 11m/sec (25mph). Ahhhh! Perfect!

So with a steel gray backdrop of rain heavy clouds I got the kite up in the air and started to explore the wind.

It should come as no surprise that the Minimalistic will give you a quite different feel compared to a more ‘normal’ QLK. It has NO SAIL! You need to fly it differently too. There is no such thing lik a quick acceleration or a sudden dead stop, there is NO SAIL! You can fly it with your fingertips in stormy conditions ’cause there is NO SAIL!

But – if you change your flying style to what is required – you can still do a lot of cools things with it!

It’s still very hard to do an inverted hover even after I tweaked the LE. I think that the kite in its current state might need even more wind to do that inversed hover. Or … it will need some more modifications; a slight increease of its sail area. (Yes I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve.)

Anyway, here’s a quick video with some flying shot just before the heavy rain rolled in again!

Sorry, no playback is available for this post.

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