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A-Quad Hardcore, the Initial Flight

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Finally! A few days ago a brand new A-Quad Hardcore arrived at my doorstep. Today the conditions were just about right for its initial flight!

So I got up early today too and I arrived at the beach before sunrise. The wind wasn’t quite as strong as I’d thought, but more than enough to put the HC through its paces. I did a quick wind check. Average wind speed about 5 m/sec with gusts up to 8 give or take. (11 mph – 18 mph).

It didn’t take long to find out that this A-Quad Hardcore is yet another excellent kite from Anders Matson! Despite the somewhat light and gusty wind, the HC delivered big time! Taking the edge out of the gusts second to none really smoothing the ride!

Really crisp and responsive and interpreting any pilot input just the way it should. Sharp cornering and rock solid hovers and – of course – easy to axel!

I will come back with a much more in depth review of this kite, but the first impression surely tells me this kite means business!

  • Kite: A-Quad Hardcore
  • By: Anders Matson
  • Wind: average 5m/sec gusts: 8m/sec
  • Lines: 10m/50kg
Initial Flight

Sorry, no playback is available for this post.

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